About the Historical Atlas of Indonesia

Historical Atlas of Indonesia
Robert Cribb
Curzon Press, 2000, 266 pp., 327 maps
Hbk • 978-0-7007-0985-4
Co-published by the University of Hawai‘i Press (Honolulu) and New Asian Library (Singapore)

This pioneering volume – illustrated by over 300 specially drawn full-colour maps with a detailed companion text – traces the history from early times to the present day of the region which became Indonesia. In so doing, the atlas brings fresh life to the fascinating and tangled history of this immense archipelago. Beginning with the geological and ecological forces that have shaped the physical form of the archipelago, the atlas goes on to chart early human migration and the changing distribution of ethnic groups. It traces the kaleidoscopic pattern of states in early Indonesia and their gradual incorporation into the Netherlands Indies and eventually into the Republic of Indonesia.

Critical acclaim for Robert Cribb’s Historical Atlas of Indonesia
“Robert Cribb has done the Indonesian studies community a great service with the publication of his new book ... . This is a deeply complex portrait of Indonesia in its many forms ... The Atlas contains 327 maps and ten figures, nearly all of which are useful, and some of which are absolutely eye-popping.”Indonesia (71), 2001

This is “a monumental work, representing a great deal of literary research and cartographic effort, for which the author deserves high praise”. Moussons (4), 2001

This work is “clearly above all former attempts of a similar nature with regard to Indonesia or Southeast Asia in general”. Asian Studies Review (25:4), 2001

Beyond the Historical Atlas
While there has been much praise for the Historical Atlas of Indonesia, many were disappointed that a paperback edition – or one otherwise suitable for classroom teaching – did not follow. This should be remedied with the publication of the Digital Atlas, which builds on the Historical Atlas by adding many more maps and text, packaging these for teaching and individual use, and delivering them on DVD together with much extra material. Like the Historical Atlas of Indonesia, the Digital Atlas will be an essential resource for scholars and teachers of Indonesian history.