About the Maps

All maps in the Digital Atlas were created by the author using the vector graphics program, CorelDraw. The maps embody original research in archives, in libraries and in the field. Most draw on information from several sources, the more important sources being indicated on the map page under ‘Additional information’.

To protect the integrity of these maps, we converted them to a very high-resolution bitmapped format. We then saved them as JPEG files in four sizes for online display and as PDF files in one size for high-resolution printing.

File names
File names follow a standard naming convention. For instance, a map called provinces2007 would have the following associated files:

  • provinces2007-preview.jpg (thumbnail display image used in indexes)
  • provinces2007-chapic.jpg (in-line display image shown in chapters)
  • provinces2007.jpg (full-size display image)
  • provinces2007-large.jpg (expanded display image)
  • provinces2007.pdf (full-size printing image)

Downloading and editing of files
For downloading, see Working with Maps in the sidebar. Editing files is explained here.