Detailed Contents

The DVD for the Digital Atlas contains the following items:

  • Full text of an introduction and six chapters covering the history of Indonesia. The text is searchable, and is illustrated by different maps at relevant points in the text.
  • 487 maps that can be viewed in four different sizes (including thumbnails) and are downloadable in two formats (PDF and JPEG). Each map has the following additional data:
    • File name
    • Map number in Historical Atlas (if applicable)
    • Caption
    • Years covered (if applicable)
    • Additional text
    • Further reading
  • Clickable indexes to the maps organized by chapter, place name, topic, date/time period and map title.
  • Scanned images from the 10th edition of W. van Gelder’s Schoolatlas van Nederlandsch Oost-IndiĆ« (Groningen: J.B. Wolters, 1909).
  • A directory of Internet links to a selection of historical maps of the Indonesian archipelago available online. These are links to external sites maintained by organizations unrelated to NIAS Press, and they appear here by permission of those organizations. It is believed that these links will remain stable, but neither stability nor uninterrupted access can be guaranteed.
  • A guide to using the atlas.
  • Software allowing easy access to and use of all parts of the atlas.