Features and Navigation

Both the atlas DVD and its companion website are organized into five main areas:

  • Introductory material.
  • The user guide.
  • Text (illustrated by various maps) covering the history of Indonesia.
  • The maps, available in four different views. These can be accessed from within the chapters, from one of the four indexes or by searching.
  • Extras – supplementary material provided by the author from other sources.

In addition, the companion website offers an Updates section with information about and links to various ongoing enhancements, changes and corrections to the material published on the DVD.

Navigation around the Digital Atlas will be straightforward for those who are familiar with the conventions of the World Wide Web.

Apart from the standard tools that come with your browser, the normal- and large-size map views in the Digital Atlas include four icons that have the following meaning:


  Display map in expanded view (or return to normal-size view).
  Print map.
  Save map to your hard disk as a JPEG file for subsequent viewing (e.g. inserted in a Powerpoint document).
Save map to your hard disk as a PDF file for later insertion in material to be printed.