Getting Started

First Things

If you have just purchased the Digital Atlas, there is very little you need to do before enjoying all of its benefits. No installation of software or files is required; all that you need is included on the DVD or is already present on your computer. All that you have to do is launch the atlas.

However, for the sake of your long-term enjoyment of the atlas, we suggest that first you:

In addition, you may find it worthwhile to check out the atlas website to see if any changes to the Digital Atlas have been made since it was produced. A log of changes (with links) is found under the Updates menu.

Launching the Atlas

To begin using the Digital Atlas, insert the DVD into your computer’s disk drive. Some computers will automatically launch the atlas. Otherwise, manually launch the atlas as follows:

  • Double-click on the DVD’s icon to view its contents.
  • Click on the atlas icon (visible with some systems) or locate and double-click on the file atlas.htm to launch the atlas (and your web browser, if this is not already running).

When launched, the system will display the atlas home page. From here, you can access all other parts of the atlas.