Introduction to the User Guide

Congratulations on your purchase (or library loan) of the Digital Atlas of Indonesian History. To help you get the most value out of the atlas, we have prepared a user guide for the atlas that is both online (on the DVD and its companion website) and in printed form (in the companion booklet to the DVD).

Among other things, in this guide we shall explain:

  • How the atlas is organized and what its key features are;
  • How to find maps and how to view them in different ways;
  • How to download a map for use in teaching;
  • How to download a map for use in your own (printed) publications;
  • The conditions under which you may use the Digital Atlas; and
  • How to register your copy of the Digital Atlas.

We conclude with answers to a range of questions about the Digital Atlas and we point users to sources of additional help in its use. (Here, a premium service is available to registered owners of a copy of the atlas.)

Please note that this user guide, like the Digital Atlas itself, is essentially a work in progress. The most up-to-date version of the user guide is found on this website.

Remember, too, that the Digital Atlas is also a collaborative work. Your queries, suggestions and other feedback will benefit all users of the atlas and make it an even better resource for teachers, students, researchers and anyone else interested in Indonesian history.

We wish you an interesting and rewarding use of this atlas.