Updates to the Digital Atlas

The Digital Atlas of Indonesian History was conceived as a durable reference tool produced to the highest standards. However, no work of this nature can be perfect nor is it immune to the passing of time.

Although additions and corrections to the Digital Atlas were made up to the last moment before publication, not everything could be included. There were doubts, for instance, that we had time to include maps analysing the results of the July 2009 presidential election (these were added at the last minute). And, as Indonesia’s history unfolds, it may well be that the author wishes to offer new maps responding to other developments. (Nothing is promised, of course.) In addition, despite extensive ‘road testing’, it would not be surprising if someday an atlas user finds an error or omission (a missed interrelationship between maps, for instance); this - and all sorts of other feedback from users of the Digital Atlas - is very welcome.

For these reasons, changes to what is published on the atlas DVD are inevitable.

Although we cannot update the atlas DVD, we shall be implementing all such changes on this website. Here, a changes log will provide information about and links to any corrections, enhancements and other changes to the material published on the atlas DVD. It is also possible to be automatically informed by e-mail as such changes are implemented (more details here).